the broken girls
are the flowers of the earth
they grow through tough conditions
they bloom for themselves.

— R.H. Sin, "I Hope This Reaches Her In Time"


The Team

United by a common goal, the Bloom Team is comprised of individuals from all walks of life.

Andi Long — Founder

Malory Guenoune — Board of Directors

Loren Mittermiller — Board of Directors

Tiffany Erica McCain — Board of Directors

Stephanie Kircher — MFT Consultant

Kenni Roberson — Creative Director


The Process

Bloom Foundation's operational process can be easily broken down into a lifecycle comprised of four major key steps.

Step 1:

Bloom partners with different organizations and schools.

Step 2:

Bloom provides and trains partners with the program & curriculum.

Step 3:

Bloom and the partner organization conduct workshops together.

Step 4:

Students can join the Bloom Community after completing the program.


You can grow through what you go through.

Teenage girl suicides are at a 40 year high. We are losing girls every day to bullying and depression. We need to step in and intervene. By stepping in today, we can change a life that might have otherwise been lost. Join our efforts to change the trajectory of someone’s life.